Romanian Fairy Tales Lecture Evening

“From Old Romanian Fairy Tales to… Modern Ones” an evening dedicated to the Romanian Fairy Tales, introducing a book of [Read more...]

Mental Fabrications Experimental Architecture Exhibition

Mental Fabrications, an experimental Architectural tooling presentation, that explores the digital realm as a tool which can generate physical models [Read more...]

Garabet Salgian In Memorian

Garabet Salgian, a well-known Romanian artist living in New York, passed away in February 2014. We look back at some [Read more...]

Maria Dragomiroiu Live In NYC

Romanian folk star Maria Dragomiroiu performing live for the 2014 New Year’s party (Rev#2) at Bucharest Restaurant, on January 11th [Read more...]

Romanian Song Violin Mix

What touches our soul: A recital of authentic Romanian songs performed by violin maestro Relu Piculeata in a recital at [Read more...]

“Armory Show At 100″ – A Retrospective of the 1913 Art Show

“The Armory Show At 100″ – An exhibition of more than 100 artworks from the original 1913 show, on display [Read more...]

Blessing of the Restored Great Bronze Doors at St Patrick’s Cathedral

On Columbus Day, October 14 2013, Cardinal Timothy Dolan blessed the the two great bronze doors at St Patrick’s Cathedral [Read more...]

Romanian Tennis Tournament 2013

The second edition of Romanian Tennis Tournament in Long Island, NY.

FA Minister Titus Corlatean meeting with Romanians in New York

Romanian Foreign Affairs Minsiter Titus Corlatean who attended the 61st UN General Assembly, had a townhall meeting with Romanian community [Read more...]

Ilie Nastase Honored at ATP Gala

Former Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase who was the first year-end leader of the ATP tennis ranking in 1973, was [Read more...]

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